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A few ways to save some money on your soap making supplies

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The following is a sure way to save money on soap making supplies.
A...I have found coops the very best way to save money on soap making supplies.
If for no other reason than to join the coops, I recommend becoming a member of as many forums as you can.
The savings are incredible. I am using Voyageur as an example, I realize prices may be different at other suppliers.
1... this example is unrefined shea butter ( the best kind of shea butter to buy )
The coop price for unrefined shea was $3.15 a pound X 6.6lbs = $20.79.
At voyageur soap and candle for example, shea butter is $67.85 for 6.6lbs plus $14.00 to ship , so 19.8lbs would cost $203.55+ 14.00 =$217.55 or $10.95 total cost per pound, almost a 60% saving.
It cost me $59.85 for 19lbs of the butter and shipping was $25.96, so roughly $1.36 per pound to ship or $4.51 total cost for the shea butter. of the supplier, the butter is usually fresh from a coop and nothing like I can buy at Voyageur or any Canadian supplier.
2....Cocoa Butter was $3.00 a lb so 6.6lbs would be $19.80 , the cost at Voyageur is $58.95 a 67% saving.
3.... Mango Butter was $4.15 per pound 6.6lbs would be $27.39 , the cost at Voyageur $58.95 more than 56% less.
The hostesses do there best to get the best shipping cost they can , it averages out to approximately $1.50 a pound or less.
There are all kinds of coops, packaging, colorants, soap oils, FO's, EO's etc.

B....Ebay is another way to save some money. I was getting 4x6 and 3x4 organza bags for a penny or two each with free shipping.

C....Save some money up from your sales, so that when your favorite supplier has a sale, you can order enough of the supplies you use to keep you going until the next sale.
D....If you can order a 6 month or more of the supplies you use all the time, you save money on the shipping cost, versus ordering a smaller amount more frequently.
E....Check your local butcher, grocery, wholesale club, Costco and health food stores for the oils and additives you use, shipping really adds to the cost of supplies.
F.... Check Craiglist and other sites like it, for deals..

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