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1 Business Cards on Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:36 am


I am doing an indoor fashion show in August. The company sponsoring is going to make a key ring with business cards of all of the vendors. The event is for 4 nights. They are giving the key rings to the first 300 guests each night. You are included on the key ring for the night (or nights) that you are a vendor. If you donated gift bags, you are included for the night you donated a gift bag. I am a vendor just one night, but I donated samples for the night I am there & gift bags for each night, so I can have my business card on the key ring all four nights. I've been printing my own business (since I do not use them much as I like to give my small flyer with more details instead). Do you think I should order some and do this, or do people really use business cards these days? :?:

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OMG, this is such an awesome opportunity for you!! I personally have a bus. card organizer full of contacts for everything. But, I dont know if people use bus. cards like they used to.
I would think the detailed flyer would be even better, you can put more info. on there than the bus. card. I would say attach bus cards to your detailed flyer and give em both out.
Congrats On such a great opportunity!!!!


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Here people still use business cards, big time, that could be different in other places tho.

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