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Report on my craft fair for today

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1 Report on my craft fair for today on Sat Oct 30, 2010 4:17 pm


I had a craft fair that I do every year at a church. The ladies running this are the best. The fee is $15 and does not change from year to year like my other venues. Some of my craft fairs have doubled since last year in fees!!!!

I sold a ton of lip balms......people commented on the unusual containers, they are the oblong shaped ones. They also loved that there was no color in them.
I sold a bunch of soaps, 3 for $10. The price can not be any higher around here, people will not pay higher prices here. I also sold alot of $4 single bars too. They seem to gravitate toward the more colorful, fruity scents today.
I sold emulsified sugar scrubs like crazy. People loved that there was not a layer of oil and then salt.
My huge bath bombs were a humungous hit! I was shocked, because they are the BB molded ones and they are huge.

I had at least 9 customers come that said they came JUST FOR ME!!!! I was so excited about this. One lady buys bath bombs for her daughter and said she smashes them and just uses bits of them in the bath. They last forever she said!

I had a gentlemen come by who is a vendor there and he bought soap from me last year. He said he loved my soap, but did not bathe with it. I was like, ok, so what do you do with it? He laughed and said he puts a bar behind his computer on a dish to make the room smell nice and when he notices it is getting light, he will scrape a tiny bit off and it refreshes the scent! He bought some sugar scrub for the scent and said he would do the same thing, I told him with sugar in there, he might want to rethink that theory. LOL..........He told me to tell customers that say they dont use handmade soap, that they dont have to bathe with it. He made my day! He really reiterated to me that my scent sticks in my soaps. Yay!

I had a vendor come to me who makes crystal potpouri, it is crystals of some kind that are put on a warmer light and give off scents. She wants me to make soap for her and she would like to private label it for her home shows. I am mixed about one will know I made the soap. They will think she did it. I dont know bout that one, I have to meet with her and talk to her some more.

Another customer just opened a florist shoppe and wants my soaps for sale in their shoppe. They do baskets and want a floral line from me!!!!! That is huge!!! I am most excited about this. I do not do wholesale yet, so this will be my in on that.

Anyway, just thought I would share with you all. Hope you had a great day!


2 Re: Report on my craft fair for today on Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:31 am


Congratulations to you..That is the best news.
I think private label has to have manufacturers info on it. It does in Canada. Something like made by BBB in NY..

I am very happy for you.. Congrats hugging

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3 Re: Report on my craft fair for today on Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:24 pm


Wow...good going! Sounds like you have a following...that is very nice Smile. The florist sounds like a great opportunity. That is a wonderful fee for a craft show!

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